About Us

Dreams, inspiration and passion were the reasons for the establishment of Inges in 1997 in Klerksdorp by Annette du Plessis. Inges is named after Annette’s daughter.

After a few years, to double up Inges’s efficiency and with a common purpose and passion in mind, Annette and Jannie Marais went into partnership, whereby their expert designs and decorative skills took Inges to another level of distinction. Inges started out as a décor and gift store, but it wasn’t long before the two entrepreneurs incorporated exclusive furniture, chandeliers, carpets and paintings from South Africa as well as from several different countries abroad.

Exclusivity, good quality and our ambitious commitment, which can be experienced, is your guarantee for each valuable piece purchased from us.

Inges has set a high standard with their exclusive, elegant and classic style, as well as their earthy, contemporary style of the interior lines they keep. Every transaction is fully supported by our dedicated team of employees.

To fulfil our purpose and chasing our dreams, the next step was to expand Inges and opened a new store in Parys, Free State during September 2009, which lead to the opening of yet another store in Parys in August 2011. We are once again dreaming of opening another store in Johannesburg soon.

"The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams"

The factory

The production process is a combination of traditional workmanship and modern technology. Our factories uses Government approved wood from sustainable plantations that is selected for colour ad grain.

Likewise also the finishing process is a combination of traditional workmanship and modern technology. It involves multiple times sanding and staining, which is also manual process. Lacquering is done with ultra modern equipment, while for polishing we need the skills of our craftsmen again.

After the finishing process, final touches like upholstery, glass, brass ornaments, leather tooling, etc still have to be added. Most of these steps are manual jobs that require a lot of skills and precision.

Very strict quality control is done during every stage of production until the end. Once approved the piece receives a quality stamp before it is packed in boxes or crated.